Our concept for your photos:

Beautiful school photos live from a natural laugh - this laughter of your children is what we want to capture.

Our first priority is to treat the children properly.
At the same time, we would like to keep the effort for teachers and educators as low as possible. For this, we are professionally and structured to create natural and unique photos of unique children.


Overview of the main advantages of our concept:

For schools and kindergardens:

  • Simple, professional process with as little effort as possible for the schools and kindergartens (80% time saving compared to the portfolio model)
  • Easy and uncomplicated preparation for the photo day with you. We will try to help you with some part of the organisation
  • Simple and structured sequence on the photo day
  • Respectful, polite and professional approach to all parties involved
  • Children from socialy deprived are supported by Schulograf, which means that the money can be used by the sponsoring association for other projects
  • Cooperation with Schulograf supports the development of schools in the third world
  • Enthusiastic parents, teachers, educators and children
  • Collecting annoying money and folders is easy through the simple online shop

For the parents:

  • Natural and professional pictures of your children
  • Extremely easy to select and order images in the onlineshop
  • Large selection of designs
  • The possibility to select from several effects and formats
  • Great gifts. For relatives
  • Easy and secure handling via the certified Onlineshop
  • Attractive savings packages, where you save at least 30%

Social projects:

  • Schulograf has a heart for children, so we support several social projects:
  • In order that no one has to give up the school photos for reasons of cost, children from socially weak families receive our "Bavarian" package worth € 17.90.
  • This will relieve the support of your school.
  • To enable children in the poorest countries of the world to have access to free education, Schulograf supports the development of schools in the third world.

Beautiful pictures of children with disabilities are particularly important to us. As a small support for the parents, we photographed these children from disability facilities and inclusive classes free of charge.
We are pleased that we can enable these social projects with your help!